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Season 3, No. 2

RART Ita Maude Wooller and Leanne Elliott

Introduced by Jim Kempner
July 8-19, 2013

The Window at 125: Introducing RART Ita Maude Wooller and Leanne Elliott

In Conversation with RART at The Window at 125 [A Roger Smith Project]


The task set is to use the Window at 125 as a condensed studio, to create one piece of work from beginning to end. The intention is to reveal the artist process, to allow our audience on the sidewalk to watch, daily, the making of a piece of art, something that is rarely accessible to the public. It will also be live streamed and viewable daily, here.

RART Ita Maude Wooller and Leanne Elliott undertake the challenge, spending 12 hours a day in the Lilliputian 6ftx6ft Window at 125, Monday to Friday for 2 weeks. It will be part durational performance, part expose of the process of making; from the outset of the idea, to the research and learning process, expanding and honing an idea, technique, style, all the elements that come together to create an piece of art.

In keeping with The Introducing Series’ recurrent objective of formally introducing artists, Art Dealer Jim Kempner was asked to select an artist/s that he would like to champion; He chose the duo RART Ita Maude Wooller and Leanne Elliott.

Jim Kempner, on Wooller and Elliott:
“I met Ita and Leanne in 2011.  Jay Kelly, one of my artists, met them at a bar and brought them to the gallery. I was immediately taken with their energy, eccentricities and quirky personalities. They asked if they could do a performance in my sculpture garden and I said  ”of course” not knowing a thing about what they might do.  The next day, Saturday, they came in the early afternoon and did a 15 minute performance that no one watching will ever forget.  I would describe it except it was indescribable.   When Danika asked me if I knew anyone that could be a part of her series in the window I knew who it had to be and I can’t wait to see another indescribable performance.”

Window at 125 Studio Times RART:
Wooller and Elliott will be working in the window July 8-12 and July 15-19, from 7:30am-7:30pm.
They have invited a specific selection of people to undertake the role of Muse at various points during each day throughout the two weeks. A schedule of sitters will be available here closer to the time.

The Window at 125
125 East 47th Street
New York NY 10017

For a full schedule of Season 3: http://rogersmithlife.com/art/125window_season3
Find out more and watch the videos from previous seasons: http://rogersmithlife.com/the-window-at-125

Contact: Danika Druttman

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